A Literacy Guarantee

Prosperity for America recently published an article on Literacy Statistics“Adults with literacy below the 6th grade are 54%”  In the USA, 8th grade reading level is generally considered to be literate.  Our system of education is completely failing a half of the adult population.  Further, California has one of the worst adult literacy rates of all the States.

According to the Budget Act for 2023–24, “The total overall funding (federal, state, and local) for all TK–12 education programs is $129.2 billion, with a per-pupil spending rate of $23,791 in 2023–24.”

So lets stop and think.

  • About $24,000 per student per year.
  • 13 years of compulsory public education
  • Half the students can not read beyond 6th grade level and are considered illiterate.

Studia Nova High School diploma’s come with a literacy guarantee.  Our old-school focus on phonics in the early years, remedial phonics for those students subjected to the experimental teaching methods of sight reading, and our strong focus on reading classical literature, systematically produces proficient readers.  Barring any major disability, parents can be assured that a diploma for Studia Nova comes with our literacy guarantee.  We will not let our young people face the world unable to read.