Technical College Prep

Technical College Preparation – Launching in Fall 2024!

Studia Nova’s Technical College Preparation curriculum prepares students for the science and engineering degrees at the University level. The Technical College Prep curriculum requires students to begin ninth grade ready to take Geometry, having completed Algebra I in eighth grade. With this sequence, students are able to complete one year of college preparatory Calculus before beginning their Freshman year in college.  Physics is trigonometry-based and requires understanding of trigonometric functions.  Students complete four years of English in order to meet all University entrance requirements.


Dual Enrollment

The best way to prepare students for college courses is to take college courses while in high school.  This is called dual-enrollment.  Studia Nova works with families individually to create a dual enrollment plan that best prepares students for college success.  Many well-prepared students, who have completed our Middle school program are ready to take College-level General Education courses.  The process of dual enrollment requires a responsive high school partner, as forms must be signed in a timely manner by the school in order to register for college classes as a high school student.

When students are dual-enrolled in high school and their local community college, their college course counts for double units as well as AP GPA credit.  College courses transfer to their final college and will reduce their workload when pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.  Reduced workload is critically important to student success in the technical fields.


The Engineering Fields

All Engineering fields require a similar series of classes in the first two years of college education, called ‘lower division.’  While there is some variability, Engineering majors should expect to complete 3 semesters of Calculus, 1 semester of Differential Equations, 1 semester of Linear Algebra, 2 semesters of General Chemistry and 3 semesters of Calculus-based Physics.  Because Engineering students have so many courses to complete, going through the community college system in California is highly recommended.  

Studia Nova expects our future Engineering students to be Geometry-ready in 9th grade, this means they have completed Algebra 1 in middle school, which is offered in our K8 program.  Engineering students complete four years of math in high school covering Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra II, and introduction to Calculus.  Studia Nova’s future Engineering students are prepared with an introductory programming class, as all professions are now fully dependent on computers for design and analysis.


Biological Sciences

The Medical and Biological sciences fields do not have the same intensity of mathematics at the college level as Engineering students. In many cases only one semester or one year of statistics or Calculus is required.  However, high school students should be prepared to start their 9th grade high school year with Chemistry, and will therefore need to be proficient in scientific notation and logarithms.  By starting with Chemistry, the subsequent course in Molecular Biology is more meaningful.


Computer Science

Computer Science students have more courses to take in order to complete their high school program than other students, as they still must complete their regular courses, and in addition take 4 years of computer science.  The math and science requirements for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science are slightly less than an engineering degree, but not by much. Students must leave high school prepared to excel in college-level Calculus, Chemistry and Physics.