Studia Nova authors courses on our learning management platform. We make extensive use of “open source content.”  Prior to the internet age, “open source content” used to be called a library card.  But now this means educational content published on the internet that is licensed for free use on our platform.  We use a few, select proprietary programs and sources, because they provide significant value to our students.


For the literature program we  primarily rely on content from Lit2Go, a site operated by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology.  This site provides classic works of literature as well as a read-aloud audio accompaniment.  In our experience, providing students an audio and text component for reading literature supercharges learning and interest.  We use almost the full library of books on the Lit2Go site throughout our K12 program, although we have left out books determined not to align with outroverall program objectives.  Writing assignments are created by our teachers on the platform.


For early reading we have selected the SoundBlends series of books writen by Dr. Erin Johnson. These books are available for purchase from Amazon.  Studia Nova has created interactive courses based on the SoundBlends books, our students are not required to purchase them; although there is something gratifying about an actual book, and many of our families enjoy having the hard copy books. SoundBlends was chosen due to it rigorous adherence to a phonics-based approach.  Teaching students to sound out words is the most reliable method to getting them reading quickly and effectively.

SoundBlends early reading curricula is listed on The Reading League’s website as a decode-able reading program.

IXL and Various Open Source Videos

For the Math program, Studia Nova creates courses from exceptional on-line videos from many different math education channels like Math Antics and the a paid service from IXL.  We have selected IXL as the workhorse behind our math courses for three reasons. Firstly. the program requires mastery, meaning that if students get problems wrong, they have to continue doing the same type of problem until they are consistently demonstrating capability.  When a student grasps an idea easily, they complete the work quickly.  When a student is struggling with a concept, more problems are presented to the student.  The second reason we have selected IXL is that the program is not multiple choice, students must work out their answers entirely.  And thirdly, IXL is not overly gamified.  Many online math program create to much distraction on the page in an attempt to generate student interest.  IXL has a streamlined layout and students learn quickly what they need to do. IXL greatly reduces the time spent in grading math papers and ensures students get to mastery before moving to the next problem.

Core Knowledge

K8 Social Studies program is largely created from  CoreKnowledge Foundation  resources.  Not to be confused with common core, Core Knowledge has created a knowledge-based curriculum for every subject in the K8 line up.  The resources are factual and minimally opinionated, as well as having beautiful artwork and illustrations.


For middle school science, and even some high school topics, Studia Nova uses the CK-12 curricula.  The science topics are approachable and graphics helpful in developing conceptual understanding of science topics.

OpenStax and CUNY

For many high school courses, we use textbooks from OpenStax and The City University of New York.  Both sources provide community-college level text books and exercises. For high school level courses, the textbooks are paired back and more time allotted.   In our experience, textbooks authored by community college professors and provided free to their students are the very best available.  These college professors are in-touch with teaching students what they need to know without being overly encumbered by endless standards.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive provides access to tens of thousands of books that are no longer under copyright.  From these books, Studia Nova creates math questions, provides texts for students to read and infuses a tremendous amount of content into our courses.  If you find an eighth grade math textbook on Internet Archive from the turn of the century, you will see how terribly our standards have slipped. Looking back in time helps us keep our standards high!


For some courses, Studia Nova self-authors content and exercises.  About 10% of the content on our system is self-authored by our teachers.  However, all of the essay assignments and writing prompts are entirely authored by our teachers.

The Studia Nova Integrated Platform

These resources are used to create integrated courses on our platform. Students always know what to do and where to click.  Younger students have audio directions they can play when they are not yet ready to read the directions.  The integrated learning platform is essential to holding students accountable for completion.  All grading is done on the platform and student progress is closely tracked.


For parents seeking inexpensive resources to teach your children at home, we encourage you to review our selections.