The New One Room School House

We are seeing more communities with renewed interest in that old one-room school house.  Public School Exit provides guidance on starting a one-room school.  A one-room school has all students of various grade levels learning together under the supervision of a single, well-trained teacher.  We invite you to read our article on Learning Communities, it discusses what it is like to run a modern one-room school house.

As Head of Teachers of Studia Nova, let me share with you the experiences of all three of my children.  To raise our family, we moved to a rural area in California where there was still one last one-room school house. The school principal, was – you guessed it – the preacher’s wife.  All my children went on to achieve advanced degrees in science and engineering, and they credit their early education to their long term academic success. It is a great way to learn and a wonderful environment to raise your kids.

Studia Nova makes is easy to start your own one-room school.  We provide the curriculum, school of record requirements, and online/on demand qualified teachers to support your one-room school in getting started.  The modern one-room school looks a little different than the one my children attended, but we are seeing the same exceptional academic results – happy students, and happy families.


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