Home School Co-Op

Studia Nova’s Homeschool Co-Op plan is a unique way local communities can create the best of on-site school and the best of home school.  This approach works great for home school community of high school students looking for greater social interaction as well as academic rigor.

A Home School Co-Op is run by volunteer parents.  The Co-Op members pool resources to fund out-of-pocket costs like commercial space rent and utilities, there are no paid staff and parent volunteer share direct teaching responsibility.  If the co-op is run at a local church or donated premises, this option can be very cost-effective.  Students are enrolled in Studia Nova’s WASC- accredited high school and are provided qualified virtual instructors on-demand and during scheduled online sessions.  Studia Nova provides group discount pricing on tuition fees for Home School Co-Ops.

The local Co-Op provides guidance, mentoring, and some level of oversight. Home School parents may view their student’s work on the learning platform and participate in the grading process, so parents never feel they are not in control of their student’s learning and curriculum.

If you are interested in creating a Co-Op, we have made it very easy to join our reccommended partner co-op network, a 501c (7) private membership club, that will help you get started.  If you are interested in starting your  own Co-Op, use the form below to contact us today. You can start anytime during the calendar year.