Standard Performance Curriculum

Studia Nova’s Standard Performance curriculum offers a “3Rs” approach to coursework.  The curriculum is tightly focused on helping students meet grade level performance standards in math and reading at all K12 levels of study.  Students routinely graduate in three years of high school, taking at least one summer term. The Standard Performance Curriculum does not require any more credits than required by the State of California.  Academic excellence is not sacrificed as all students must meet our reading and math mastery requirements.  Students take applied mathematics with problems from every day life.


The Diamond Cross Curriculum – Launching in Fall 2023!

The Diamond Cross is our Christ-centered curriculum, available to Christian Learning Communities.  Diamond Cross not only provides a Christ-integrated K12 curriculum, the curriculum prepares students with the logical tools they need to defend their faith when challenged.  The K12 program of study follows a classical tradition of teaching with closer integration of Bible text and lessons.


Technical College Preparation – Launching in Fall 2024!

Studia Nova’s Technical College Preparation curriculum prepares students for the science and engineering degrees at the University level. The Technical College Prep curriculum requires students to begin ninth grade ready to take Geometry, having completed Algebra I in eighth grade. With this sequence, students are able to complete one year of college preparatory Calculus before beginning their Freshmen year in college.  Physics is trigonometry-based and requires understanding of trigonometric functions.  Students complete four years of English in order to meet all University entrance requirements.