New Careers in Education

“For all those teachers out there we appreciate you, and so do your students.  But be patient, it may take some of them years.  It wasn’t until many decades later that I understood the impact my grade school teacher made in my life.” -Caroline J. Malley, Head of Teachers at Studia Nova

Are you a teacher, retired or otherwise, that is disheartened by the growing bureaucracy that defines our public school system?  Studia Nova is creating a better education system, one that takes all the hassle away from making a real difference.  Knowledge is everywhere and we don’t need expensive book publishers or price-gouging online courses to teach and learn.  But we do need a community, we need people to get together and help one another along the path towards greater knowledge.

Studia Nova is looking for dedicated self-starters who would like to build their own learning communities.  Our approach to education is refreshing, we keep the best of the past and supercharge our curriculum and school administration with cutting edge resources and technology.

If you are interested in building a community around a classical approach to education, we want to hear from you.  We welcome those interested in expanding our Spanish and ESL program. Please contact us with the form below: