The Diamond Cross


God has given His people His Holy Living Word, the Holy Bible and the Ten Commandments to live by and teach our children. The teachings of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible have been integral to the spiritual growth and moral foundation of our nation since its founding.  Our Founding Fathers trusted in the reverence of our people to create a prosperous nation capable of self-government in order to fulfill all our Holy Commandments and build God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Diamond Cross Curriculum integrates the teachings from the Holy Bible into its curriculum through every grade level and through multiple subject areas. Students will have read much of the Holy Bible prior to graduation.  When reading classical literature, allusions to biblical characters are explored as an opportunity to better understand the biblical foundations of our culture, literature, and arts.


God has given His people faculties of reason and expects every soul to develop these faculties to our greatest extent.  Mathematics is a subject of pure reason and is essential to training developing minds in the application of human reason.  For thousands of years students have been learning math to sharpen their reasoning skills.

The Diamond Cross Curriculum teaches mathematics to mastery, with each student moving at their own pace but not proceeding until the logical building blocks are properly in place. There is no other way to effectively teach mathematics.  Unlike languages, mathematics can not be absorbed. The curriculum provides sufficient practice so that the mathematical processes are learned in-depth while providing unique and challenging problems for students to sharpen their reasoning skills.  Calculators are not allowed until students begin Algebra, and basic math facts must be memorized.

As students progress in their understanding of our natural world, they begin to grasp more advanced concepts and are ready to develop their understanding of logic.  The teaching of logic has been formalized thousands of years ago and must be mastered if God’s people are to reason their way through some of life’s most complex challenges.

The Diamond Cross Curriculum integrates teaching formalized logic into our writing program while directly teaching critical logical reasoning processes.


God has given His people the favor of blessings of children and  the joy of raising them. He gave parents the commandment to talk to our children about God’s Grace, share our testimonies and miracles, and teach them of God’s desire to be in relationship with His People.  Knowledge has been accumulating over time from one generation to the next and must be passed onto each future generation.  Knowledge carries our cultural inheritances and anchors the development of reasoning.

The Diamond Cross Curriculum presents the story of humanity through a deep appreciation of the many generations before us and their great civilizations.  Knowledge connects our children to the tree of tradition from which they draw gifts of wisdom from the ages.

When that divine spark of human innovation led God’s people to discover the scientific method of acquiring knowledge, we learned to understand the world independent of the lens of our own human experience, we learned to develop knowledge that could be appreciated equally through all peoples and all cultures.  Scientific knowledge unites all God’s children across our planet.

The Diamond Cross Curriculum presents science as the slow and steady development of our understanding of the natural universe. Science is an exciting debate constantly shaking deep rooted understandings.  Students are empowered to question sources, evaluate evidence, apply statistical tools, and engage in scientific knowledge as scientists should.

There can be no discrepancy between God’s Holy Living Word, the Holy Bible and our scientifically discovered knowledge.   Perceived discrepancies are limitations of the human mind, and serve to guide us in deepening both our understanding of the natural world and the meaning of the Holy Bible, as revealed when we are ready to comprehend.


God gives His people the freedom to choose. With this freedom, God desires his people to develop an admirable and righteous character.  The many who would break the natural order of God’s Kingdom, who would not teach the children, who would rather weaken children and let them become servile to false idols must be withstood.  The character of God’s children must grow strong to withstand all onslaught.

The Diamond Cross Curriculum teaches the moral of the story with inspirational, classical literature.  For thousands of years we have taught our children with parables and tales to form their character as strong, brave, honest, and righteous in God’s commandments.  Parables and tales inspire children to grow strong and faithful. Knowledge and reasoning empower children to succeed, and faith dresses our children with the Armour of God, letting them be strong in the cross like the diamonds they are.