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If you are thinking about starting your own private school, then Studia Nova can help you get started faster than you ever thought possible.  Consider starting a your own learning community rather than your own private school.

A learning community starts with a group of families with a similar vision of education. Studia Nova can help you realize that vision with out all the red tape. A learning community is easy to set up and has low start up fees.

Most resources will tell you that starting your own school is a major undertaking. But you actually don’t have to start from scratch,  you have more options to impact learning now than ever before. A learning community is an emerging concept of education that combines the best of technology and on-site experience for your students.

In a learning community, students gather in a common location to engage in on-line courses that are tailored to their needs. Organizers add enrichment topics and hands-on activities. Students are encouraged and assisted by mentors and coaches who really care about the students, but don’t have to know all the answers.

The best part of a learning community is that your don’t have to go through all the red tape to set up a private school, but you still get all the benefits of a small private school.

Learning communities can structure their tuition based on any business model they feel best meets the needs of their families.  Without all the overhead of administrators, learning communities are more cost-effective.

Studia Nova provides learning communities our virtual K12 program, including fully accredited high school.

Studia Nova takes care of all the school administration, letting you just focus on the students by creating a positive learning space.

Studia Nova keeps and maintains all issues related to accreditation so your high school students do not have to worry about meeting any requirements in order to pursue the college career of their choice.

Studia Nova curriculum can be tailored to fit your team’s exact vision.  Most on-line curriculum providers are not flexible, it is “take it or leave it.”  Studia Nova provides a learning management platform which allows any learning community to tailor the curriculum to their own unique needs.

However, if you are still planning to start your own school from scratch,  check out our own journey  Starting a Private School

However, by starting a learning community, you can be operational in just a few months, if not less.  And if you still want to go all the way and start your own private school, there is nothing to stop you!  Studia Nova can help your learning community migrate to their own, independent private school in a seamless and stress-free process.