The New Private School

Studia Nova is what virtual education for K12 students should be. A school where parents do not need to choose between excellence and affordability.

As a nation we have made a dramatic shift in education as our public schools have almost instantaneously switched to online learning. How do parents know their children are still being academically challenged?

The key to teaching young minds in a virtual context is meaningful teacher-student interaction. Studia Nova students experience a highly personalized learning program so that each individual can reach their own true academic potential.

Our blended approach to learning combines intensive and challenging online homework with small group and one-on-one virtual learning. Our teachers are fully dedicated to advancing each student to their maximum potential and are empowered to get students the help they need. Our technologies drive communication throughout our learning community with easy to use chat, virtual conferencing and online document collaboration.

What makes us different?

Our virtual teachers teach!

Many virtual schools disappoint because they focus too much on the technology and nowhere near enough on the people. Virtual education has mainly become an experiment with computer adaptive learning, where teachers act more like managers than educators. Studia Nova is the only online virtual school that provides micro virtual classes with small numbers of students that drive teacher-student dialog. We provide an exceptional level of teacher-student interaction including on-demand chat help from any available teacher. Our teachers proactively reach out to students and parents when the work is not getting done.

We grade ourselves

Education is obsessed with testing student performance levels. We use our student diagnostics to test ourselves, not to label our students. When we develop and deploy a new class, we test a student's ability both before and after the class, and constantly assess our own effectiveness. Our entire organization is structured to learn, to constantly improve in our singular objective - getting kids to learn.

Affordability and Excellence

Technology should be delivering all our students a highly individualized learning program with a tremendous cost savings, but few families are benefiting from both. Rigid regulatory boundaries and decades of red tape makes innovation in public education so hard to achieve. Classroom teachers know the progress they can achieve for their students when technology is properly leveraged. Studia Nova's suite of education technologies is meant to empower teachers to teach and students to learn exactly what they need to learn. This partnership between the humans and the machines makes school what it should be, both affordable and excellent.