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Approvals and Accreditation 

Studia Nova is accredited through WASC and

Our high school course list has been approved by NCAA

University of California has approved our courses: “a-g”  UCOP Course List

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What Makes Studia Nova Different?

Studia Nova is founded by Scientists, Engineers, and Educators that are passionate about education. Our courses are taught not just by teachers dedicated to learning, but by experts in their field of study. We select our curricula knowing how it fits in with the big picture.

Studia Nova is 100% Pro-Parent. We work with parents and students to understand the family’s educational goals, and help chart the path forward. Does your family want to accelerate learning, and push your student? We can help encourage your student to perform at their maximum. Does your family want your student to take time and explore various fields of study? Studia Nova is there to guide your student. Parent voices matter at Studia Nova, pick up the phone and call us anytime.

Studia Nova is service oriented, we are providing parents an educational service, and along with that goes a service level agreement. While no one can guarantee educational outcomes, we can provide the level of responsiveness your family needs.

Studia Nova focuses on three key elements to academic success in all our classes. Reading comprehension, skill at writing, and mathematical ability. These three topics are woven throughout the curricula. If a student has great reading comprehension, can write a decent essay, and has achieved a solid grounding in mathematics, all doors to the future are open. Studia Nova students write plenty, and our teachers grade a lot of writing assignments. We call this ‘writing through the curriculum.’

The benefit of private education matters in getting results. Public education, whether Traditional or Charter burdens the learning process with many superfluous tasks and annoyances. Public schools are limited in how they adapt to the student’s needs. Private schools can adapt quickly and change out curricula that is not getting results for that student.

Results speak for themselves. Studia Nova routinely tests student’s grade level performance and measures our ability to move students forward. Most our students make 2 to 3 years of progress in one academic year. We get rid of the busy work and just focus on the learning. This is how to build confidence, by building skill!

What is our Educational Philosophy?

The Studia Nova Program is inspired by Susan Wise Bauer’s Well Trained Mind, Liping Ma’s Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics, and our founders’ personal experience in the engineering and science fields. The Studia Nova approach combines classical education; a strong, conceptual mathematical foundation; and a core understanding of critical concepts in technology and science to prepare students for college-level work in the most challenging technical degrees.

The classical approach puts a strong emphasis on reading whole books and does not shy from proven strategies of copy-work (writing out great works of literature), and practicing dictation in the early years.  Only after students have learned something of the world, then learned to order their thoughts logically, are they asked to make persuasive arguments.  This stands in stark contrast to main stream education that teaches students to emotionally argue points of which they have very little factual knowledge.  The track record of classically trained home-schoolers in the area of language, reading, writing is outstanding.

In regards to science and mathematics, the Studia Nova curriculum aims to build deep conceptual understanding before committing that knowledge to memory. As Liping Ma has shown us, there are deep concepts in simple arithmetic, that once internalized, ease the student more gracefully into Algebra. However, conceptual understanding is no substitute for memorization of basic math facts, learning flawless execution of time-honored processes like long division, and getting sufficient practice.

The Science program is meant to be integrated with daily life to ignite curiosity while providing a conceptual foundation to build on in later study. Science concepts committed to memory are only those ideas that are needed to build on in later study, so that no hard-won knowledge is a dead-end.

Our educational philosophy is based on the wisdom of the ages, modernized for the information age.


What is our Curriculum?

Our curriculum is created on our learning platform by Studia Nova’s internal course authors. We use many resources that are described on our Curricula Page page to create our courses.  The courses are authored by subject matter experts.  Our core curriculum can best be described as 3R’s, offering students plenty of practice to learn.  But above all, our curriculum respects student’s time and does not ask students to do busy work that produces limited learning value.  We launch new programs every year, including our Technical College Prep, and our apologetics program, The Diamond Cross.  


How does On-site Work?

Students work best under in-person supervision, whether they are doing worksheets, listing to instruction, or engaging in on-line learning courses.  While Studia Nova is a virtual school and all our courses are delivered online, we partner with many organizations who are offering in-person support.  Together with our partners, we deliver students the best of both worlds, uniquely customized courses tailored to their learning needs combined with in-person help, coaching and mentoring.  To learn more about becoming a Studia Nova Partner, visit School Start Up Page.  To view current locations, visit one of our partners at The Freedom Library