Curricula has advanced a long way since your student was dragging pounds of books around in their backpack everyday. Studia Nova provides a technology platform for the online delivery of all curricula and educational activities. Your student will only need access to an Internet-enabled computer and pen and paper. High school students will benefit from a scientific calculator.

Studia Nova curates many innovative free and subscription programs that deliver outstanding learning in many subject areas. Our students read books, write stories and essays, work math problems on paper, then enter their answer for instant feedback, complete online quizzes, do online flashcards, watch videos, listen to audio books, play a few learning games, and engage in socratic dialog with our teachers. Our curriculum provides for every learning modality. We ask our students to complete diagnostic testing before and after satisfactory completion of our programs to ensure their effectiveness.

Reading and Writing

The cornerstone of our student's outstanding achievement is the rigor of our reading and writing program. Students write in all fields of study, and they write a lot! Our reading program is based on completing whole literature books through all levels of study. Our average high school freshman reads and analyzes ten complete works of literature and writes four argumentative essays.


Mathematics requires both a sufficient number of problems to be completed as well as sufficiently challenging problems to solidify concepts for future learning. Our mathematics program is mastery based where abilities must be fully demonstrated before progressing to the next mathematical concept. Mathematics is a ladder, a student misses too many steps and they find they can not proceed to the next level.


Early science encourages curiosity over rote memory. Students learn through inquiry based methods, intriguing multimedia content, live demonstration labs, and conceptual writing assignments. Early science should inspire a love of the natural world, train the observant eye, and inspire curiosity in physical phenomena. High school science becomes more rigorous to either prepare for college level study or to empower the student with the foundations needed to become science literate citizens.


Studia Nova's writing through the curricula approach is applied to all humanities, from social science to world history. Students read less didactic text and more complete works. At the same time, Studia Nova takes full advantage of exceptional multimedia content developed by unique creators who are passionate about the humanities, so that students experience a variety of learning approaches.


Our approach to elective learning is to enhance a student's life long learning skills. Electives should open the mind and expose students to new ideas and activities. Studia Nova curates a variety of online classes for student electives and monitors their timely completion. The most important idea we want our students to understand is that there is almost no limit to what can be learned online, and the twenty-first century is the century of academic freedom.

All our core courses exceed common educational standards.